Neal L. Fredericks - Director of Photography


What others are saying about Neal's cinematography

"The Stonecutter is a beautiful film with breathtaking photography." - David Horgan, WRNX Radio

"Killer Me is a film along the lines of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer...but it definitely packs a more effective punch. It paints a very bleak picture of a man and his brain. Keep your eyes open for this one!" - Eric Campos, Film Threat

"Killer Me represents a modest triumph of atmospheric dysfunction and blends stylistic elements of early Roman Polanski with the sinister sonic swoosh of the landmark horror indie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." - Eddie Cockrell, 2001 Hamptons Int'l Film Festival Program Guide

"Killer Me is an evocative, unsettling, and very tense psychological study, reminiscent of Lodge Kerrigan's Clean, Shaven in tone and style. But Killer Me also contains productive echoes of genre filmmaking." - 2001 Telluride Film Festival Program Guide

"Shadow of the Blair Witch is...extremely polished and carefully crafted." - Laura Fries, Daily Variety

"The images of The Burkittsville 7 cut at the very fabric of social order and society's perception of the norm. A chilling examination of the dark side of the human soul." - Matthew F. Saunders,

"The cinematography in Dreamers is arresting." - Joseph Sirota, The Easy Reader Magazine

"Ann Lu displays a superb cinematic vocabulary (in Dreamers), adding elegant grace notes to her frames while creating (with cinematographer Neal L. Fredericks) a bold and uniquely American visual poetry." - Gregory Weinkauf, New Times Los Angeles

"Neal L. Fredericks' work on The Blair Witch Project probably had more of an effect on filmmaking in 1999 than any other picture." - Robert W. Welkos, Los Angeles Times

"There's far more method than madness in Neal L. Fredericks' camera work; indeed, The Blair Witch Project owes much of its chilling effect to his extraordinary lensing and framing." - The DVD-DAILY Magazine

"Laughing Dead is one of the more visually intriguing and thematically daring films of the '90s. Immerses its characters and audience in a future that is thematically and conceptually nearly the equal of Dark City." - John Thonen,

"Poetic, artistic...Laughing Dead achieves a goal most Hollywood movies can't reach after wasting multimillions: a mood." - Greg Burk, LA Weekly

"The future has rarely looked as bleak and chaotic as it does in Laughing Dead. This is a remarkably slick horror tale." - Steve Puchalski, Fangoria

**While the majority of Neal's cinematography is and continues to be originated on 35mm (anamorphic and spherical), super 16mm, 16mm, and super 8mm motion picture film...Neal is also experienced in electronic cinematography originating on Hi-Def, Digital Video, DigiBeta, and BetaSP.**

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